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Sabtu, 23 November 2019

Best Makeup For Oily Skin

You are convinced that T-zone matified is key to shine in society? You have oily skin, but you do not know how to makeup without choking? I will tell you everything about makeup for oily skin!

 How to put makeup when you have oily skin?

 Oily skin makeup:The basic foundation 

 Using a basic foundation is particularly recommended for oily skin. Indeed, it is known as sebum tends to spin the foundation and create difficulties in its implementation.

 Applied after moisturizing and before makeup foundation, the base will help to smooth and unify the skin, and thus facilitate the implementation and maintenance of the foundation.

 To choose your base, take example on the makeup studio! To neutralize the redness and inflammation related to the buttons, they use a green base makeup.

 This is complementary color of red in the color wheel, it has the power to cancel it. Goodbye unsightly redness, hello even complexion!


 Fingers or a brush, apply the base on your face and neck by performing smoothing movements from the center to the outside of the face.

 Oily skin makeup :The foundation 

 Your base has already made a lot of the work of unification, the stage of foundation is more akin to a charm offensive as camouflage. In fact, it will just help enhance your skin, make it shine ...

 It is not necessary to choose a heavy foundation in order to hide your flaws under a mountain of material!


 The mineral foundation applied with a kabuki brush.

 1 - Take a little powder in the lid;

 2 - Turn the brush hair in it to catch the material;

 3 - Tap to remove excess;

 4 - Apply the powder on your face in circular motions with the brush from the outside to the inside of the face;

 You can repeat a second time for greater coverage!

 The advantage of this type of foundation is that it requires no additional application of powder, it does all the work! You can apply several times during the day to touch up gloss for example, without fear of suffocating your skin.

 Oily skin makeup:The blush 

 Your complexion is now perfectly matified, however, you do not say no to little burst bonus? The mineral blush is just that!

 Contrary to blush "cream" too rich that we found trouble settling on oily skin.


 Apply mineral powder blush on your cheeks bulging with circular movements. Replace slightly towards the temples.

 Oily skin makeup:Eyeshadow 

 If you have oily eyelids, you may already abandoned the idea of make-up eyes. The shadows that spin after a few minutes,the smokey-eye you desperately lack?

 Often presented as a light cream base that allows matte lids and provide an ideal smooth, non-greasy surface to apply the shadows. Result: a make-up that takes for hours!


 Finger or a flat brush, apply a small amount of product on all of your mobile eyelids.

 Then proceed to makeup with powder shadows.
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